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Introducing the Pandas Flex

Supercharging the core Pandas technology to a phone-buying machine with a smaller footprint and less deployment time.

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After a lot of work, months of research and development, the Pandas team has managed to transform the smartphone trade-in process and turn it into an experience that is easy, fast, and secure. We achieved that by creating a unique machine that buys phones: a completely autonomous, ultra-efficient machine that identifies, grades, and pays a user for their device in just 3 minutes. It’s truly a wonder of technology, offering great value for customers and businesses alike.

So how do you top that?

The approach we followed was a robust examination of what makes the Pandas AI Box stand out in the trade-in market and what can be improved. Enter the almighty Pandas Flex! It’s the youngest sibling of the Pandas AI Box, an as efficient and powerful iteration as the previous one, only with a smaller form factor for even the smallest retail spaces, 70% higher financial value for trade-in partners, and 90% shorter deployment time, allowing customers to go live with their trade-in program in just 2 weeks. Let’s jump straight to the 3 key principles that make the Pandas Flex shine:

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1. It has a smaller form factor and better unit economics.

Essentially, what changes is the size. By removing the storage part of the machine, its square footage is reduced drastically, therefore making it ideal to be utilized without occupying precious store space. It can be placed conveniently next to the cash register, even at a very small store.

Additionally, by minimizing its volume, the Pandas Flex offers a very financially competitive solution for businesses that want to incorporate it into their trade-in programs at scale.

Its deployment is quick and easy, allowing our partners to launch a trade-in program in a record 2-weeks time!

With its smaller form factor, Pandas can offer 70% better pricing compared to the larger Pandas AI Box. It’s a win-win.

2. It has the same A-level capabilities as the standard Pandas AI Box.

💪 Same autonomous trade-in system that wirelessly identifies a device via a wireless handshake, double-checking with international databases that it’s not stolen or missing, without the need of cables or manual inputs.
💪 Same accuracy in pricing, with constant access to the Pandas database, a dynamic platform we have created that is synchronized with the biggest marketplaces internationally to check each smartphone’s demand and update its pricing based on it.
💪 Same next-gen, AI-powered Pandas technology to evaluate a smartphone’s condition.
💪 Same hardware with the Pandas special 4K camera systems, offering a 360-degree scan of each device to grade its aesthetic condition for even the faintest scratches, breaks and tears to the body.
💪 Same software to automatically check all the components of a smartphone (such as microphones, cameras, touch functionalities, etc) and evaluate their condition.
💪 Same ease of use – it’s plug-and-play and can be deployed at any store within 20 minutes.

3. It has a friendly, thought-out UX.

The customer is always at the heart of everything the Pandas team does. So it was highly important for us to not disrupt the intuitive trade-in experience we had developed with the Pandas AI Box.

The store staff guides the user during the 3-minute process and once it’s completed, they easily pick up the device and store it to be sent to the warehouse. Throughout this brief interaction, the Pandas Flex has an LCD screen with all steps of the process – everything is transparent and the user knows what’s happening with their device at any given moment. It’s as simple as that!

The Pandas Flex may be smaller but is no less capable than its larger sibling, offering increased versatility for our trade-in partners, better financial benefits and the same guaranteed excellence stemming from the Pandas technology.

The response from the stores that have already deployed it is overwhelmingly positive and we’re very excited to see it working its wonders.

Are you interested to see how it can transform your trade-in program too? Let’s get in touch! 🙌

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